Fior Fest 2016

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Fior Fest 2016

Postby Richard Marsden » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:46 pm


Why no E? Why not Fiore?

You'll have to come visit one of these events and find out.

Hey... why do we call the guy by his first name? Roll with it, baby. On to the event!


Brian Stokes hosted Fior Fest in lovely San Diego. The event was meant to bring together Fiore de Liberi instructors and give participants and instructors a chance to take a collection of classes.

There were classes on, Arming Sword (Chuck), Two-Handed Sword (Me!), Dagger (Chris Vivio), Half-Sword (Stephen Fick), and the Close-plays (Stokes). Students spent an hour or so in each class, then rotated to the next over a period of two days.

The pace was low-key, and there was a presentation by Brian on the finer details of the Getty manuscript. Brian has stared intently and spent good money on learning everything he can about the Getty. His decades of experience in Japanese arts has given him unique perspectives on Italian martial arts, with a focus on

Matching the picture.
Finding out why it makes sense to do so.

In this way, Brian seeks to find the bio-mechanical purposes behind the artwork.

Brian also gave the instructors a tour of his house, and let us look at his impressive collection of period books. Each is a work of art in of itself, with the Thibault tome being impressive just to look at from a distance.

The overall size of the event was small, and this allowed students to get 1 on 1 work.

Chris Vivo's dagger was immensely useful to Christopher Phoenix, my assistant, who came away with new ways to teach dagger in his classes.

Chuck presented how he learns, why he learns, and what he learned when it came to the arming sword, including exemplars for us to use.

Stephen Fick used Fiore's manuscript to model, and then have us demonstrate, half-swording techniques. He gave students extreme 1 on 1 help, so that we could be successful.

Brian approached stretto as he does all things, and the manuscript drove the lesson.

The venue itself was fine, it being a hotel, though that limited anything too physical we might have had in store! The event was academic in nature, and for this first Fior Fest covered a few key ideas and concepts. I'm eager to see how it plays out next time. The idea is to rotate its location, like the Black Fortress in Krull.

Worth a visit, so when the next one appears, consider going!

See you in the Iron Desert!

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