Tournaments in Phoenix Arizona - You're invited!

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Tournaments in Phoenix Arizona - You're invited!

Postby Richard Marsden » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:14 am

Hello HEMAA community! The Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship is trying to have a few events a year. Here is what is in store and you are all invited.

When - See the dates below
Where - Miracles of Phoenix Fitness
1524 E Pierson St, Phoenix, Arizona 85014

August 6 - Rapier Tournament. This is a small regional event, in which the fee to participate is only 10 dollars!

September 17 - 18 - Sandstorm. This event will include a skill-building longsword tournament for those who are up and coming and a champions mixed weapons tournament for those who have already placed before in other events. Sandstorm also includes classes, ranging from Longsword, to Polish Saber, to Sword and Buckler, Rapier, Measure and Tempo, Pugalism and a Teaching Skills class. These classes will be run by Phoenix Society members with plenty of experience, and in the case of the Teaching Skills class, I have over 15 years experience as a teacher by trade not including my HEMA life. The Phoenix Society wants to help you out in your endeavors. Come learn with us! Space is limited!

January 14-15 - Annual Charity Event. WOW, we can't thank you enough for your past participation in this one. All money raised goes to Streetlight USA, and we raised over $4000 for them last time. Come participate in the single-stick and mixed weapons tournament and help out a great cause. There are only so many slots available, so hurry up! ... tournament

At all the events if you think you are ready for HEMA Alliance Instructor Certification, we will be able to test you. The Phoenix Society has 4 members with certification and more on the way and I'm on the Certification Board. We don't just make great fighters, we make great instructors. Come be one! There are steps that have to be followed to do this, so check out the link below and ask questions if needs be.

We hope to see you!

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