California Knife Laws Card

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California Knife Laws Card

Postby Brian Frick » Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:15 pm

I and people I know regularly carry knives for utility, and a while back I thought it would be a good idea to print myself out a summary of all the state laws for knife carry in California. Last year, the state started renumbering the penal code for better logical consistency, and I had to redo my reference card. I gave a few copies to Kron members at DiscoverFest, in February, and said I'd post the file for it later.

Here is the file for the 2011 revision of my California knife laws card. The pictures are at 300dpi; print both sides, cut out and fold on the line, and it fits in your wallet. It focuses mainly on things that apply to college students and knife carriers, so other issues like firearms, belt-buckle knives and cane swords, and anything else that it's common sense not to carry (see P.C. 12020, mainly) aren't included. Neither are city or county laws (mostly length limits of 3"), which you can find here: Some numbers are being reordered again in 2012 as the second part of the reorganization of the penal code, so I'll post that early next year.

Side A

Side B

Edit: Swords fall under dirks and daggers in state law (side A).

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