Kron/MSC Meetings for This Week

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Kron/MSC Meetings for This Week

Postby Jason Taylor » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:38 am

The next meeting for Kron and the Medieval Swordsmanship Club will be this Thursday, August 26th at 7pm in the TSU Courtyard. We will be primarily resolving business issues, but I won't rule out hitting each other with swords.

Our main orders of business:

1. Vote on final business card design.
2. Finalize plans for DiscoverFest. I will not be there the 1st, but at this point, Peter and Brian will be. We will need as many more people as possible throughout the day.
3. Get club recognition emails. I'd like this one to be done with BEFORE Thursday, people. Send Matt ( your school ( address if you haven't already, and be prepared to answer the email you get about the club. This is enormously important if we want to continue practicing on campus this semester.
4. Set up informal practice schedules. I will start a separate thread on this, but the idea is to meet up with one or more fellow members and practice, even f only for half an hour or less, between classes. This gives us more overall practice times and sparring times for everyone plus gains us exposure.
5. Get rest of members on this forum. Again, before Thursday would be nice.

I'll add more as it comes up.

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