Becoming More Official

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Becoming More Official

Postby MitchHammond » Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:46 pm

OK, as I mentioned earlier tonight at the meeting, I would really like to see uniforms designed and made for our practices and meetings. How far along are we on that? Do we need to come up with more logos / designs? If so let me know. Also does Jason or Jonathan know a place to get them done ? This is a big concern for me because it represents us as a whole, the HEMA aliance and is a way to talk about our group when people see us passing by, get more members, institute more discipline, and feel alot more official. Also Johnathan mentioned that there are three different practice attires. 1. casual 2. uniform 3. performance. This is a great idea and i think the sooner we can implement it the better. Also, we have talked about in the past of the ranking system, has anyone put any new ideas or thought into that? Basically i want us to step into the more official side of KRON. Put into play the things we have already discussed. Also maybe we should include calisthenics into our practices as well. I kinda want to start working into that direction as well. Just an idea.
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Re: Becoming More Official

Postby Jonathan Mayshar » Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:28 pm

I agree that uniforms are valuable. They're also a major hurdle for us, both in terms of agreement, time, and cost. Why don't you retitle this thread "uniforms" and we can start talking about it?
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