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Jason Taylor
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Study Structure

Postby Jason Taylor » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:20 pm

This is another element from my list that we need to set up, but this one (as it relates to running the classes themselves) is really just on me. However, I want everyone to be aware, and I want any suggestions to be made here so I can do my best to bring them about.

Since we have a fair number of weapons interests in the group, as well as study groups and so forth, along with the central theme of the longsword, here's how I plan on working things to try to get to everything I know we want to do.

1) Class structure

I'm going to aim for a division much like the following:
1 hr: longsword techniques, drills, etc.
1/2 hr: secondary weapon of the day.
1/2 hr: study groups
?: Sparring

So what I mean by this is that we'll always spend warmup, technique, drill and general practice time with swords in hand. Then we'll work on new techniques, also for the longsword. Then we'll wo9rk on the main secondary weapons we have planned for that day, which I'll announce in advance. That will generally be dagger, staff, or sword and buckler, because those are central HEMA skills. We might also do Ringen if we have access to mats. Whatever side weapons we do we'll probably do about once a month each, such as the third Wednesday or whatever.

After that, we'll break up into study groups for those who have them to have time to work on their own stuff and do manual interpretations or what have you. That gives us a fairly tidy two hours, and we can move from there into sparring.

Any thoughts?
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Ryan O'Connell
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Re: Study Structure

Postby Ryan O'Connell » Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:06 am

Seems like a solid plan to me. It gives us solid instruction on our primary weapons but does not neglect individual study groups or seperate interests.
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