Paladin Press Sale

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Paladin Press Sale

Postby william_cain_iii » Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:35 am

Every so often Paladin Press has a sale, and there's one going on for the next two days. You need to use the code XMAS10 during the sale to get 25% off.

Most of Paladin's titles aren't of much use to us, but these fine titles are on there for us to examine:

Historical Arms and Combat

Fighting manuals and overviews galore, this is a decent place to start looking for some fencing material, and every player in the club needs their own manual to study eventually.

In particular, since we study Liechtenauer:

Lindholm's Ringeck

At 25% off you can get it for 42 dollars before shipping, probably 50 after shipping, which is still half the price of getting both books individually. Longsword contains the Ringeck Liechtenauer longsword material, and is the manual my group focused on in North Carolina (Myles has my copy of this). Knightly Combat has the sword and buckler, Ringen, and armored combat sections of Ringeck as well. While there are known issues with the translation, it's still an excellent place to start and for this price it's highly worth the investment if you're looking for a good core fencing manual. Alternatively if you just can't commit to getting the whole set, do consider one or the other.
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