RAINED OUT December 29th meeting

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Re: RAINED OUT Meeting for Wednesday, December 22nd

Postby Jason Taylor » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:57 pm

Sorry everyone--Justin's concern about the weather seems to have been valid. I've been hoping it would clear, but what I'm hearing is that it's going to keep raining and not dry up until tomorrow.

It's looking like we're getting rained out again. I hope everyone gets this message or the email Brian sent out today. I imagine quite a few people were planning on skipping today because of weather, as well. If you guys end up showing up and not getting the message until after the fact, my sincerest apologies; blame me because I waited a few hours to see about the weather.

I'm going to start another thread re the time and scheduling issue for the rest of the break. I don't want us to lose momentum here because of a couple of rainy weeks.

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