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Liam Rose the Just
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Re: Uniform Ideas

Postby Liam Rose the Just » Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:52 pm

Wait, I thought we were doing fighting breeches? or are those the same thing...

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Jordan Hinckley
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Re: Uniform Ideas

Postby Jordan Hinckley » Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:00 pm

This is a hard question but the way that we do it in my organization is that we have a "tunic" that is of differing color based on your rank as well as a "sash" which is either black, blue, red or white, to signify where you are within that rank. Though we use these in class as a sign of skill and where one stands, when we are doing a public event, demonstration or the like, we usually just wear black pants and black shirts, either plain or our class screen-printed shirts. In my mind it is incredibly important to have some sort of uniform as it distinguishes you as a group. We too are using the David Knight knot, as we changed a few months back after realizing that it does not come untied in grappling or running around as opposed to another knot that we had been using.
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Jason Taylor
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Re: Uniform Ideas

Postby Jason Taylor » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:10 pm

I always like the idea of the knot in the AMA vbelt, but when I look at it on someone else, it still just looks like a karate belt. It's a great cost savings and works well, so no criticism of those who use it, but I like something that looks materially different. That's why we've settled on the leather belts as a basis. We'll probably tool leather patches with the symbols for each rank and then affix those with rivets, so if we screw up the tooling, we don't have to look at it on the belt forever.

For ranks, even though we're primarily a KdF school, we use a lot of paneuropean stuff, so I might use some variety of symbols that work for the named ranks. I migh actual medieval motifs, or have some artwork made up for them. Still playing with the ideas there. We also have "stripes," but I'm just imagining a literal stripe tooled across the leather belt.

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