About the Swordscholar sub-forum

For the primary use of Swordscholar youth program students. Respectful guests are welcome, especially if they have something to teach.
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About the Swordscholar sub-forum

Postby Jonathan Mayshar » Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:09 pm


The Swordscholar sub-forum of the HEMA Alliance forum is the online discussion board for students of the Swordscholar program in Orange County, CA.

The Swordscholar program is affiliated with the HEMA Alliance through Kron Martial Arts.

The Swordscholar program currently operates through the recreation department of the City of Irvine. There are classes for adults, teens, and kids beginning at age 9. Kids registering on the HEMA Alliance forum through Swordscholar will be restricted to this sub-forum, but teens that show maturity will be welcome to post elsewhere on the forum.

Because the Swordscholar forum is for beginners, and some of those beginners are young, the supportive and educational participation here of seasoned HEMA practitioners is particularly appreciated.
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