Can i get a Account for Wiktenauer as "Amateur"?

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Can i get a Account for Wiktenauer as "Amateur"?

Postby Idealist » Sat Oct 22, 2016 2:54 pm

Im studying the german Treatises since some Time,and the ones in New High German and Early new High German i can understand without much problems (Im German btw).I found some Errors in the English Translations which sometimes change the meaning.
For example the Term "Weghauen" is not meant as "Hew" as "Attack" would translate to "hew away" and in the context used "hew away from the Oponent in the "Abzug",the "End" its clear that its meant as defensive parry on the Retreat without any fancy maneuvers,just "beat away" the other Blade while you step backward after you made your Attack.
But in the Translations it reads like "weghauen" is supposed to be another attack,just 1 example i can remember

I wanted to register a Account at Wiktenauer to change that but it seems its rather restricted for real Scholars and not Amateurs...:)

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Re: Can i get a Account for Wiktenauer as "Amateur"?

Postby KeithFarrell » Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:52 am

If you get in touch with Michael Chidester, the director of the Wiktenauer, then he should be able to discuss the issue with you. Send him an email/PM through this forum, or find him on Facebook, and he should be able to help.
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Re: Can i get a Account for Wiktenauer as "Amateur"?

Postby Tea Kew » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:46 am

The basic process for getting a Wiktenauer account is to fill in the registration form and go from there. It'll normally take a few days.

However, a more worthwhile place to start is probably to write to the specific translators and discuss their choices with them. If you just turn up and start editing translations you might find some questions being asked about why, while if you've discussed them with the relevant translators first then it's at least clearer that this is an intended/approved change. Translations are credited on Wiktenauer, so by editing them you are putting your words into their mouth.

Also remember that ENHG isn't modern German - while a good knowledge of modern German (such as being a native speaker) is useful, it's not guaranteed to mean you're more accurate at rendering the meaning. There are cases where shifts in meaning have meant that modern German tends to lead a translator astray. This is another reason why it's useful to talk it through with the translator in question first - there are possibly specific reasons they've used the translation you think is incorrect.

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