Meeting Minutes: Meeting Summary From Oct 20th & 21st

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Meeting Minutes: Meeting Summary From Oct 20th & 21st

Postby T. Arndt » Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:48 pm

I had a great time this weekend and I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the Longsword Camp in New Glarus. Aaron (and Jeremiah) did a fantastic job sharing skill and knowlege of our art and it was an honor to work with you all.

Here is a summary of the meetings that occurred in New Glarus this weekend:

Previous to the meeting and discussions that took place the weekend of the "Longsword Camp" October 20th and 21st in New Glarus, WI; the Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association (WHFA) had been a consensus governed association of like minded members. While cohesive, this state was never intended to be permanent and was inadequate for long term planning and decision making: Fortunately a majority of WHFA members, both overall, and from the Appleton and La Crosse chapters was present to allow discussion and voting on motions to take place. The following proceedings were conducted, to the best of our abilities, in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

The following issues were discussed, voted upon and thus decided:

  • Aaron Pynenberg was officially designated "Principal Instructor".
  • WHFA officers will include the following positions: President, Vice President & Secretary.
  • A provisional Board of Officers will serve for a period of 1 year.
  • Following this year and the subsequent election, each year one officer election will be held:
    • Year 1: President
    • Year 2: Vice President
    • Year 3: Secretary
    • Repeat...
  • This schedule implies terms are normally 3 years in length with one officer election every year.
  • Once the term of the provisional officers has concluded, future candidates are required to be HEMA Alliance full members to be eligible for office
  • The following club members were nominated and elected to the following positions on the provisional board of officers:
    • Jeremiah Backhaus, President
    • Scott Hanson, Vice President
    • Tylor Arndt, Secretary
  • Based on the desire of several geographically distant clubs to be affiliated with the WHFA:
    • It was decided that out of state clubs wishing to affiliate with WHFA for purposes of training and fraternity may do so.
    • The document formalizing this relationship and defining affiliate benefits and responsibilities has yet to be drafted and approved.
  • It was also noted in the near future there may be a sufficient number of interested persons to form WHFA - Madison full chapter.
    • Tim is going to work with Tylor to update club book keeping to reflect which WHFA - Appleton member have their HEMAA Insurance paperwork submitted.
    • Tylor will create instructor, president, vicepresident and secretary E-mail aliases.
  • Based on previous consensus building that took place via E-mail and on the WHFA HEMA Alliance Affiliate Forum, members drafted a textual description of a logo design.
    • Sckilay're Eberhardy of WHFA - La Crosse, graciously provided her professional services and created a candidate WHFA logo.
    • This logo was approved as the WHFA's official logo. (See logo thread)
  • It was decided in an effort to be recognizable to the public as an organization it is desirable to have a "uniform".
    • This uniform is optional during all non-public events.
    • This uniform consists of:
      • Black pants/leggings etc.
      • A dark gray/charcoal shirt with a small WHFA logo over the right breast.
      • A large WHFA logo on the back.
      • A HEMA Alliance patch on a shoulder.
        • Note: Tylor is putting in a bulk order, interested members can purchase a patch from be for $2.00
    • Scott will lead investigate printing pricing, t-shirt vs sport exercise shirt, etc and report back
  • It was also decided that WHFA Officers and members must set a date for the next "all state" training event by the 1st of May 2013.
  • Jeremiah will investigate the benefits and necessity of non-profit and other formal legal incorporation.
  • Tylor will work with Tim to insure those who have had their HEMA Alliance memberships prepaid by the club ensure they have their paper work in and are HEMAA full members.

Congratulations Mr. President and Vice President, I look forward to serving the members of WHFA with you.

Please forgive any mistakes or omissions as I did not have anything to write with (and was not yet secretary) for most of our first drinking night... I mean meeting. :twisted:
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