WHEN should the next one be?

This forum is for the 6 clubs that participated in our last event to help create the next one. Anyone else that plans to attend is welcome to participate here.
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WHEN should the next one be?

Postby Jonathan Mayshar » Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:51 pm

I say SOON!

One calendaring priority is avoiding conflicts with para-HEMA events such as SCA and faires. We need a volunteer to add to this conflict calendar: http://tinyurl.com/northamericanhemaevents

In terms of frequency, most people seem to favor biannual. I'd like to do it quarterly. To me it's not so much a matter of doing something BIG every 3 months, but having ongoing communication and rotation of emphases and club responsibilities so that this isn't an interruption, or something to cram for, but a natural sharing of our current work. But I also don't think this is a smart thing to argue about. I think we should just find a good near-ish date and venue for #2 that could slot in to either a biannual, triannual, or quarterly schedule. If things go smoothly and well, that will argue for the more often side.

Also, depending on our goals for the event, such as whether and how much we want to draw national/international participation in the long run, doing it more than once a year does not have to make each time equivalent in size and preparation. We can pick one date a year to be the "big one."
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