Saber techniques in the SCA?

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Saber techniques in the SCA?

Postby Pcalu » Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:25 am

New to this forum.

Hopefully this won't come off like a carat cruncher i.e county hick! lol...

I've recently become active again in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) And as many know, we have are own particular way of fencing. I used to SCA fence and a high level (i.e kingdom level.. i.e. the belted level.. ) so I'm training to get back to form. Being a student of the blade I knew there are many ways of fencing so I started to research new techniques (maybe better ways or at the very least to be inspired). After reading "Cold Steel" by Hutton I've discovered I have been Saber fencing in the SCA for years and years! Wow I thought... IMO... most in the SCA Saber fence and don't know it... we even use the term moulinet. A lot of us even use a index ring lanyard attached to the pommel to throw....dare I say it? "a thumb leader" Seeing people on the internet fence with sabers "using Knuckle rings" using upward cuts with the false edge is really cool (imo...)

Just like to say keep it up (i.e the work being done on Saber Fencing...

Most inspiring!
Paul Calu.

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Re: Saber techniques in the SCA?

Postby Richard Marsden » Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:18 pm


We have plenty of SCA cross-overs in HEMA. Most SCA programs are experimenting with cut-and-thrust programs which will let you use more of the historical techniques. Good luck!

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Re: Saber techniques in the SCA?

Postby Pcalu » Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:49 pm

Over the years the SCA has developed. IMO.... both good and bad... however there still is nothing like it. (especially at Pennsic where you get 1000 vs 1000 melees) There has always been a push toward historical techniques, however...with our traditional calibration for a "touch" e.g. "must be sufficient strength to send a bowling ball three feet off a pole...." in many cases insurance worries have dampened or retarded attempts. (being a national organization we have had serious injuries that have threaten serious set back in the societies financials...) Yet.. we try.. Our rattan wasters also have in some ways handicapped us.

But we run all types of different tourneys.. Pas de arms i.e. submission tourneys, retained wounds tourneys etc... the big thing now is talk to mimic the "Battle of Nations" stuff in Europe. "rules are few and your out by being knock down" Yet, I'm not sure this will catch on, the fencing skill in this is very low grade. We send teams and get destroyed (if the weapon counted we would dominate the field) only in individual on individual do we dominate (they count blows in individual)

Yet our serious tourneys are still based off of fencing (Crown tourneys , Rose tourneys etc)

Which is why a come the internet looking for new (or should I say Old) knowledge.

For me It like Rediscovering the old world knowledge based off reality ( tried and true methods!!!!)
good stuff..

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