Goals for this year

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Goals for this year

Postby Jordan Hinckley » Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:48 am

As has been announced in class in the last few weeks there are 3 goals for the UCSA this year:

To encourage growth. This is a big one and will drive much of what we are able to do in the coming year.

To do more with local groups around us. This includes possibly a Rocky Mountain HEMA event but we will work on the details as we have them.

Work on our rule sets in class so that they are more in line with national and international rule sets. This is not an easy task, and something that we may have to take the closest to an international rule set and use it, but the idea here is to train in rule sets that are applicable to as many events as we can so that in preparing to go to these, we have to change as little of our style as possible to be ready for it.
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