Neyman Nightmare: Don't buy from Neyman

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Van Wilde
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Neyman Nightmare: Don't buy from Neyman

Postby Van Wilde » Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:18 pm

If you intend to buy from Neyman, PLEASE READ.

A few months ago, I heard of Neyman fencing. I checked them out, and I liked their stuff, especially the Renaissance jacket. My friend Brett, new to HEMA, was looking for a jacket at that time, so I pointed him their way. That’s when the nightmare begins. Here’s a breakdown of his experience:

Brett inquires about getting some gear – Thokk gloves and the Renaissance jacket.

Neyman tells Brett that they have what he wants in stock and can ship it in less than 24 hours.

Paulina at Neyman confirms that they have what he wants and can send them asap. She also says the Koning gloves are less protective than the Thokks. (Not pertinent to this post, but funny to mention)

Brett places his order and Neyman says they’ll send it in the morning.

After sending Neyman multiple emails, Paulina responds saying they haven’t sent the jacket yet. They promised to do so on the 01/26. Neyman said they were very sorry and promised to add complimentary shoulder protectors to the order.

Brett then sent FOUR emails requesting a tracking number, and received no replies.

Neyman says they shipped Brett’s gear and it will arrive by the 19th (end of the week).

Brett FINALLY receives his order, ten days after it was promised to arrive even after delay.

Then this happens: After two hours of drills and light sparring with Nylon, his gloves actually begin to fall apart.

So Brett tells Neyman, and they promise to send him replacements in time for the Purpleheart Open. He actually gets them one day after it ends. He asked them up front if they could make the deadline, and if not he wanted a refund. They denied his refund, and the gloves were late. He then sends them an email telling them he is upset. This is Neyman’s response:

Hello Brett

This is Paulina - owner of Neyman Fencing.
You told that we have terrible customer service....
Really ?

Tell me please which other company would send You another pair of gloves ASAP, by fastest post service ?
Tel me please which other company would accept reclamation via mail and withour seeing damage on own eyes and witchout sending back damaged product first ?

Which other company would make new pair of gloves ASAP ( especially for You we bring our workers in sunday to work on Your gloves ) before any other order and with no regard to queue of orders ?
I will tell You - No other companies do such things, only we , so please dont tell me that we have terrible customer service , becouse our cusotmer service is best on world and we know it.

This really hurts me.

Second thing is : You shouldnt repair gloves on Your own if You want to send them back - but its nevermind we have greatest customer service so we dont care about such stupid things like law and rules of reclamations.
About gloves -we have no idea why this happened to Your gloves - totally ! This is first time when something like this happened all our gloves have great revievs and for year we didnt have any reclamation connected with their durability.

We sent gloves in monday - post office have 5 days to deliver them to You so i have hope that they will arrive to friday, we did everything we could. If You are still not satisfied with our service , i dont understand that but im accept that - tell me please what we can do for You to reward Your dissatisfaction.

Im sorry for my english but when im nervous i forgot how to talk.

Best Regards

Brett is not alone here. Christian Trosclair also posted this: ... cation=ufi

Notice that Toby Hall, Jonas Sandager Brammer Møller, and Jayson Barrons also had a bad experience from Neyman, whose “customer service is best on world and we know it.”

Now that I know all this, I posted my concerns on a Neyman post in HEMA Open Discussion. In case the post is deleted, I have screenshots.


Following this conversation, I get this private message from Jerzy:

Mr Van i will not continue this discussion in public because now you crossed the line. For over the month im in charge of customer questions and if you can see our response time on facebook you should understand we do it with all might. I know the case you are referring to and what you are writing is simply bulling and hate speech. Refund we can only send for unused product. what happened was qualifying for repair due to manufacture error. And as a consumers friendly company we didn't even wait for return of gloves which went bad and we sended new product. I have no way to hide our mistakes with our time related problems. But if you are going to offend our current (this event is current) customer service then its pure lie.

Yes, I may have been spirited, and I don’t have a reputation for being tactful at all times, but I do not feel like I crossed any line. What is crossing the line? Accusing me of lying, bullying, and hate speech. HATE SPEECH. Neyman here is admitting they won’t give refunds for a defective product.

And I believe this is a Freudian slip: “I have no way to hide our mistakes with our time related problems.” I’m not sure if this is from poor English, but it is suggesting they want to hide other mistakes, an action which is directly harmful to consumers.

And if their response time is really all that great, why have so many customers complained about it? Simply put: Neyman should not be bought from until they do right by the customers they have done wrong, and then some. Not wanting to address issues in their company and service is one thing, but denying those issues even exist is unforgivable.

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Sean Karp
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Re: Neyman Nightmare: Don't buy from Neyman

Postby Sean Karp » Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:28 am

Sounds like the HEMA Alliance is getting to experience the joy of shoddy Armorers. Glad to know I should stick to the ones I know and have dealt with before.

As for ones that proved superior service to them? Who would do such a thing? Well how about The Surly Anvil, Greyhelm Armory, Icefalcon Armory, Windrose Armory, Ugo Serrano, and MacPherson Armory and so on.

Though the list of piss poor armorers is longer than the good ones sad to say. Any check on the Armor Archive will tell you as much.

Good luck all and I will stay away from Neyman. Thankfully my crafting & smithing skills are enough to make most of my own kit.

And yeah I saw that thread on the Open Discussion page. Nice way to step on it visavie community reputation.

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Re: Neyman Nightmare: Don't buy from Neyman

Postby RichardDeBenthall » Wed May 25, 2016 3:35 am

Not excusing any of the above, however I would just like to state that European interactions with Neyman Fencing have been a lot more positive.

As Jonas said in his review, I think they severely underestimated the demand for their products and got overly defensive when criticised.

That said, I purchased the Fencing Breeches and Standard Jacket from them and I received nothing but a high quality product within the timescales that were advertised.

I hope they sort out their customer service problem because my experience of the material, and many others too for that matter, has been an overtly positive one.
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Scott M.
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Re: Neyman Nightmare: Don't buy from Neyman

Postby Scott M. » Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:17 am

I'd been waiting to respond to this initial post and only have to say that my experience with Neyman couldn't be further from what Van experienced.

When I contacted them last winter, they were very accommodating to my barrage of pre-sale questions. They were still getting things sorted on their website when I ordered and Jerzy walked me through the parts that he was still getting ironed out.

The only issue I had was a delay because they had a brief supply issue, which they let me know about because it was going to exceed their 30-business day production time. Other than that, the shipping to the US took 9 business days (instead of the 7 they estimated...). Order to receive time Feb 8th - April 15th - just over 2 month's time (~9 weeks instead of 7).

And about a week after the jacket arrived, they reached out and specifically asked for my feedback.

I'm finding it rarer and rarer that a company takes those kinds of steps to ensure a customer's getting what they want/need.

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