Getting starter: Spanish rapier style

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Getting starter: Spanish rapier style

Postby Gleeko0 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:15 am

I discovered HEMA a year ago and since then I've been researching styles and schools near me. There are some groups but HEMA seems to be still emergent on my country (Brazil). If I want to get started, I will probably find a friend with this interest before joining any club or group practice.

I plan to study via DVDs, books and the manuscripts perhaps. I've found some lesson DVDs being sold online on la destreza, from historic fencing academy sources.

I wanted some advice on getting equipment and even if I should get any equipment at this point. Where do I find and how do I identify practice rapiers? How much do they cost? Where to buy them ? My country unfortunately has terrible importation taxes, and national sellers don't seem to be an option. Perhaps I can declare educational purposes, but I still have to research the law, and even that way the equipment may not be exempt from the huge taxes. still, I want to get into HEMA. Even if that means me going on a vacation to US or Europe just to bring equipment on my luggage.

For a raw beginner, La Destreza fencing (rapier only), what would you recommend in terms of equipment? I'm considering practicing with a second person, but also solo. How much would I spend, in your standards?

Thank you very much!

I'm from Sao Paulo state in Brazil, by the way. I'm lucky my region seems to have the biggest concentration of HEMA practicing groups (4-5) but still at least 1 hour of travel away from where I live. Perhaps I may found the first one on my region? Who knows, seems like a dream haha. Thanks for orienting a dreamy beginner!

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Re: Getting starter: Spanish rapier style

Postby Sean Karp » Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:12 pm

I would go onto Facebook if you can and ask Puck Curtis or Kevin Murakoshi about that as they are both teachers in the style you're looking into and would know well what to get.
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