Training equipment?

Historical arms and armor, as well as modern replicas and HEMA training gear (including new books and DVDS), are reviewed and discussed herein.
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Training equipment?

Postby Ben_Glattfelden » Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:00 am

Finally, going to start doing some training with a friend on footwork. He taught Martial Arts for sometime, and right now I am just going to work on footwork and strength training. Later moving on to bags. A question I have is this. When starting out what kind of waster do I need for practice? Also gloves, and helmet suggestions. What kind of strength training do you guys recommend?

Tea Kew
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Re: Training equipment?

Postby Tea Kew » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:30 am

The answers to this question will depend on where you are, and what you're studying.

However, most people who ask it on here are in the US and looking at studying longsword. So a quick summary:

The best balance of price and useful training tools are synthetic wasters. Pick either of Purpleheart or Blackfencer, they're both good.

The first and most vital piece of safety equipment is a mask. Masks stop swords going into your eyes. Absolute Force are the de-facto standard, you can buy cheaper but you'll probably crush it eventually.

The lightest gloves worth using are Red Dragon gloves with SPES fingertips inserted. Those will allow reasonably strong hits to the hands without too much chance of a broken bone. Ideally you want heavier sparring gloves though: Sparring Gloves (from HEMA supplies), SPES heavy gloves, etc.

The other key bits of kit, especially for free play type activity, are throat protection and back of head protection. Don't skip either.

Training-wise, explosive strength is useful, so is mobility. Try the "Fight with all your strength" blog for some useful tips.

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