Sparring equipment for hot weather

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Sparring equipment for hot weather

Postby danibau » Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:40 am

Hi All,

I live in the Philippines and I'm with a group that practices HEMA here... And I was wondering if anyone had advice on what to use as an alternative to the traditional heavy fencing jackets. It's really really really hot and humid here and the fencing jackets are ridiculously hot for the weather here. Does anyone know if alternative equipment would be useful? I've seen some police riot gear that looks to offer significant protection while not being nearly as hot and suffocating.

Any advice would be great.

I understand that the Spanish essentially trained in shirts when they were here and broken bones and cuts were seen as a normal part of training. However, most of us prefer not to suffer injuries so safety gear that won't give us heat stroke is a priority.


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Re: Sparring equipment for hot weather

Postby Sean Karp » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:19 am

I would contact Forge: Martial fitness. They are located at 3F CFB Bldg., Phase 3, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque
Parañaque. Their phone number is +63 998 984 1901

Contact Jericho Viejo and see what he uses.

You can also make a gambeson out of a few layers of pure flax linen and stuffed with horsehair or linen tow that can help a lot. I wore a 3 layer linen gambeson in the deserts of Nevada & in the central valley of California for years and it was brilliant. For solid protection I would go with Aluminum or stainless steel lamelar or scale. Plastic might seem better as it is lighter, but it will act as a insulator more and be not as strong for the same weight. If you throw some cloth over top then you will save yourself some from the suns rays.
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