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Makers of one handed feder swords.

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:43 am
by Kristjan Runarsson
I'm in the market for a sword to start practising the Walpurgis Fechtsystem (aka. i.33, aka. Sword & Buckler) From what I've seen people either use plastic waster swords, metal feder swords or even re-enactment swords (which seems a bit dangerous to me). I think I've been fencing long enough to go for a classical metal 'feder' sword as I got used to them when I lived in Germany since this is what seems to be the norm among people practising the Walpurgis Fechtsystem as it is done under HEMA rules?

I've found several manufacturers of one handed feder swords:
Szymon Chlebowski - Makes feder type one handers in flex levels: medium ... yei-type5a ... yei-type5a

P├ęter Regenyei - Makes make a classical feder and a feder that looks more like a real sword, in flex levels: light, medium and stiff. ... n-style-3b ... n-style-3b ... yei-type1a

Viktor berbekucz - Only seems to make stiff bladed one handers

I want to get this right the first time so:
  1. Any other manufacturers I should take a look at?
  2. What is the recommended stiffness level for a i.33 HEMA fencing feder?
  3. Is there any of these manufactures that I should steer away from?
  4. Is there anything to keep in mind that's safety related like, not to buy anything with sharp cross guards on hits etc? I'm assuming the swords in the above links can be used at most HEMA events.

Edit: Thought of another question: Does any of the makers I listed offer a one hand feder with a screwed on pommel and hilt that can be disassembled or are these feders usually peened? Some of my re-enactment swords got rattly hilts after a bit of use and this seems like a useful feature for a piece of training kit.

Re: Makers of one handed feder swords.

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:59 am
by Sean Karp
Talk to Darkwood Armory, Alchem Fencing, Lutel, and Castille Armory.