Beginner searching for a training plan to get fit

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Peter Spätling
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Beginner searching for a training plan to get fit

Postby Peter Spätling » Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:09 am

Hello everyone!

I 'm new to this forum, my name 's Peter, I 'm 21-years-old and working as an armourers apprentice in southern germany. Now, one thing that has caught my attention, obviously, since I'm related to it a lot, is fencing and wrestling. Sadly there is no one around being interested in fencing on a daily basis and travelling to the next HEMA club multiple times per week is simply not possible. Therefore I, the skinny guy with no stamina and no real muscles (except for the ones you get by bashing steel), want to get fit. So I am searching for a historical training plan what one can do alone to become more agile and athletic. I know about Boucicaut, but have no complete record of how he trained. I guess most of you have seen the video where his training plan is re-enacted. Still there are dozens of exercises that give you muscles and stamina. But I guess having the figure of a body builder is not what you need to become a good 15 century swordsman. Which is why I wanted to ask you guys what techniques are good for a beginner like me and what I should try to gain? I want to stick to this plan until I either found a training partner or move town, which will happen in ~1-2 years.



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Sean Karp
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Re: Beginner searching for a training plan to get fit

Postby Sean Karp » Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:30 am

Almost any training plan will be better than no training plan. So the first thing I would suggest is signing up for the Spartan Race Workout of the Day.

Then I would ask is there a gym near by and how fast can you cover 2km? How much can you bench press? How many situps can you do at once? How many push ups? Pull ups? What is your height and weight?
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