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A Newcomer to the HEMA Forums

Postby Jason Cheng » Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:49 pm


I have recently joined this impressive online community (which brings countless European medieval and renaissance combat arts practitioners together as one big, happy family) after a few visits here. There are reasons for this, but the one I wish to specified is to make friends and connect with other practitioners (especially those involved in the German longsword arts training). Hopefully, my active involvement on the site would lead to meeting fun, industrious, good-hearted people in my area doing German longsword arts in the near future.

My background in historical European combat arts is primarily comprised of medieval longsword training. I was first exposed to the once-unprecedented, yet amazingly unique, form of martial arts when I received training in Fiore's art of the longsword from a certified instructor of a combat guild at a Renaissance Faire in 2005. Later on for a few years, beginning in 2008, I had studied and practiced the German art of the longsword under the Lichtenauer system with a training partner.

It was an extraordinary and enriching experience. Both the Italian and German longsword arts are undeniably stupendous in each of their own ways. But presently, my preference is the German style of longsword combat. Training in this particular art of combat is one martial activity I would truly enjoy again, as well as wanting to continue. At this point, I have already taken some initiatives in getting the ball rolling. And joining the forum site is one of them.

Well, enough said. Please feel free to drop me a line anytime you like. Being new here, somehow I am starting to feel like a part of your family.

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