Concussions, informed consent, and CTE

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Concussions, informed consent, and CTE

Postby Sean Karp » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:22 am

Diglach Mac Cein just left this message on the Armor Archive, we should all read it-

"Well, two weeks ago my fighting career was ended due to the effects of concussions.

Now, to be clear - I played a LOT of impact sports beyond SCA. So it isn't just SCA that caused it. But is was a factor.

My doctor was VERY clear. symptoms I have (severe aphasia - my speech has degraded to the point where I am beginning to rely on ASL with my family, and may end up needing to use a type to speech on a tablet, or write out conversations - memory issues, some vertigo, tremors in my hands, I drop things, negative impact on my bi-polar disorder, etc.) will likely continue to get worse. Continuing to fight would make that a certainty, and accelerate the process. I would also probably develop more problems.

He started testing me for this 5 years ago, and tested every year to monitor it. He is a sports specialist - working as a team physician for Ohio State football, rugby, hockey and wrestling teams. He is also the doctor for NFL, NHL, and MMA athletes. So he knows what he is talking about. He also brought in a neurologist who works with sports injuries.

I told him I wanted to fight as long as I could safely do so. And I hid or minimized most of the effect for as long as I could - before I always assumed it was just "me".

I wore a heavy helm, padded with military spec anti-concussion / impact pads - a double set, with brow pad. But I also played "hurt" - a lot. I was the guy who got knocked backward with a face thrust and banged my head against a tree hard enough to brown out, finish the battle then go to camp and take asprin - and fight the next day with a headache.

I now forbid my squires from using any padding other than that specifically made for impact sports, or a proper period lining.,

Don't be me."

Concussions and CTE on the Armor Archive
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