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Tea Kew
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Re: Question about height

Postby Tea Kew » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:32 pm

Firstly, yes, absolutely. A year of practice totally will not be wasted, even if you have to take a break of a couple of years.

Secondly, somewhat. Height is generally an advantage, because of reach and stride length. Strength, speed and skill are all relevant as well, though. I've got about 1.5" on you and can win tournaments, and I've seen them won by people shorter than me. You will have to train more to help overcome it, though.

Thirdly, basically irrelevant. The answer is the one you find most interesting and fun, because that will motivate you to train and learn more, which will make you better, which is what you need to overcome a height disadvantage.

Trevor Park
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Re: Question about height

Postby Trevor Park » Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:51 pm

Helloo! :D
You would be surprised at how much you can learn in a year, given that you focus on learning moves well, rather than learning as many moves as possible.

Now, as for concerns about height... first of all, HEMA is not basketball. ;)
With this being said, folks with long reach (which may or may not come with height) are more effective when they stick their sword out and retreattrying to keep you away. In particular, if there is a long enough difference in reach, you could get hit while your opponent stands beyond your range.

Since you are talking about being disadvantaged, I assume you are a man (if you are actually a woman, what are you afraid of, you have quite the reach advantage over them

If you are really really worried about having a disadvantage due to reach, I would recommend looking at dagger stuff (careful German messers, and especially kriegmessers, are not daggers). No matter how tall or short you are, you have to get up close and in people's faces. :lol:
Also, armoured fencing (harnischfechten)- due to the half-sword grips, the reach factor largely gets erased out of the picture, and it's mainly about timing and leverage.

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