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Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:40 pm
by James Reilly
Good afternoon,

My name is James Reilly. I have studying HEMA for about three years, and been a member of the alliance for about 5 months. Because i do a lot of individual study i have relied heavily on video instruction. The difficulty has been in tracking down all of the different video resources that are out there and determining which offer exactly what i need when i need it. there is an abundance of this stuff on the web but scattered around loosely connected web forums, social networks, club websites, youtube channels etc...

My proposal is that we add a page to the website that lists along with a working hyperlink, as many video resources as we can find that either lecture on, demonstrate, discuss or teach HEMA, as we can track down. Along with this list i propose we add descriptions(not critiques) of the video's and what they focus on or demonstrate. If we do this in an organized matter we can essentially streamline the material to those who might otherwise get discouraged trying so hard and failing, to find it.

Some of the video's I'm talking about-

YOUTUBE Channels:
DierkHagedorn - Multiple Lessons on longsword of liechtenauer
Drie Wunder - 9 part series on german longsword
Celgus - Tutorial on Italian basics/ Introductory Seminar to Fiore
DarkFury - Various interpretations of german texts
Nikos3000 - 2 two part segments on rapier
GothenburgHFS - club channel with numerous sparring sessions, ads, and demo's including one on the use of pads during drills.

The Longsword of Johannes Liechtenauer Part I and II
Art of Mars - Medieval Combat Italian Longsword - Student Guide Level 1
Michael W. Rasmusson's Extreme Fencing
Reclaiming the blade
Martinez Academies Spanish, Italian, and French styles
SSG Fiore dei Liberi seminar, January 2005 Brian R. Price

Veritas Swordplay Academy Series
ARMA Web documentary

This list is hardly adequate. Neither are the descriptions, however i hope you all can see where i am going. Anyway, lets compile this list and put it on the site and get the resource to those who want it. We can tell them what costs money and where to purchase it, and we can tell them what doesn't and where those materials can be found. Let me know what you think.

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Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:47 am
by Alex B
How would you propose that the links are organised? You're very quickly going to end up with a very long list of videos, so a list like that could get quite confusing.

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Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:49 am
by Jake Norwood
Thanks for posting this James. For everyone's info, James emailed this idea to me and the CC, and I asked him to re-post it here. I think it's a good idea, but it would be challenging logistically.

I think the best way to approach it might be a Wiki. Furthermore, in light some of the Wiktenauer "direction" threads from a month or two ago, this makes me think we should just start a second "sister" Wiki to Wiktenauer. This one would be entirely for cataloging How-to videos and related resources. It would work a lot like what James is describing. It would also help us track the "living history" of interpretations.

Sometimes its fun to look back on a few years ago and see how wrong we were, lol.


Re: Video Resources Page

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:11 am
by James Reilly
i think maybe they ought to be broken up into groups. Maybe first resources for purchase and free resources. Then into sub groups for what type of systems(including all encompassing movies like RTB or mike loades' weapons of Britain), and finally broken down into the type of video, whether it be a lesson, a demo, just sparring or discussing the history. Also have separate list of those websites that have an abundance of video material in their own right, like youtube channels and so on. And then maybe a third list of retailers who sell HEMA videos in general.

for example:
If i want to see free italian Rapier lesson i click Free/rapier/italian/youtube channel-dscoblen: Italian Rapier lesson part 1.
if want to a modern longsword tournament competition, i click free/longsword/tournaments/Longpoint/youttube channel/ TheDesse: longpoint longsword 2011.
if i want t to just browse through a retailer of products for purchase i can click Retailers/ Paladin Press, then i can click on their website and browse through them. Next to every link their can be a description, namely those that have already been placed by the owner and that should help people narrow down their search. (These are just examples to remain objective. they are not necessarily, in my opinion exponents of the best material out there)

Aside from putting links in just one place(which as far as i can tell, hasn't been done before) we can make it easy for people to find what they want. This way they aren't subjected to having to type longsword into youtube and holding their breath for something new.