Project Teams - Please Read

For project proposals, updates, and volunteering. Please read the forum rules before posting.
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HEMA Alliance approved projects are marked with an asterisk. You do not need to be a member to propose or contribute to a project, though you do need to be a member to be a project team lead. Non-Alliance projects that are for the primary benefit of the full HEMA community are welcome in this forum.
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Project Teams - Please Read

Postby adminteam » Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:42 am

HEMA Alliance Projects will be lead by Project Teams. A Project Team is a group with a designated Team Leader (more than one person may have this designation in a Project), that meets at least once per month by teleconference, and reports on progress to the Governing Council, Curriculum Council, or both, depending on the nature of the Project. Volunteering for a Project Team means you intend to make the meetings. It is not necessary to be on a Project Team to contribute significantly to a Project, so general volunteers are welcome to offer that they be delegated work (volunteers may specify the type of work or not) without actually having to participate in the organization of the Project or attend meetings.

As Project Teams develop, some will split into more specific pursuits, and some new Teams will need to be created to help manage and support Projects within a given area (such as manuals research and translation).

Some projects will entail intellectual property, and the HEMA Alliance supports legitimate intellectual property rights, as well as those who wish to pursue some aspect of HEMA as a profession. If you have a project proposal that involves intellectual property concerns or business plans, please contact the Governing Council so that we may work together in a way that protects both your interests and the public educational mission of the HEMA Alliance.

One project per thread, please.

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